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Get access to customers ready to invest in solar energy. At SolarLeadFactory, we deliver real-time, high quality solar leads with relevant information about the type of home, ownership, shading and more, to help you qualify and convert better. 

Why SolarLeadFactory?

  • We’ve delivered quality solar leads for over a decade.
  • All leads are generated through our owned and operated websites, so we control the user experience.
  • All leads are scored on our proprietary algorithms and only the best ones are sent  
  • All leads are opted-in, TCPA compliant and are delivered in real-time.

How much do our solar leads cost? 

Our leads are typically sold to up to 4 buyers. Our Cost Per Lead varies by level of exclusivity and state, but the average range is $40 – $92 each. Routing and number of buyers a lead is sold to are decided by the algorithm depending on availability, in real-time.

Below is our current lead pricing by state for each tier of exclusivity –

StateEX (Only you)SX (You + 1)NX3 (You + 2)NX4 (You + 3)

The lead pricing listed above is current as of 8/22/2022 and is subject to change. You will be notified in advance of your campaign’s actual lead pricing, which can always be viewed in real time in your account’s dashboard in the SolarLeadFactory portal and is subject to applicable terms and conditions.

Customers that purchase more than 500 leads per month will be eligible for exclusive offers.

According to a recent Gartner analyst report, the average business invests 10% of revenues on advertising. We want to help you make the most of your 10%. 

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