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Get access to customers ready to invest in solar energy. At SolarLeadFactory, we deliver real-time, high quality solar leads with relevant information about the type of home, ownership, shading and more, to help you qualify and convert better. 

Why SolarLeadFactory? 

  • We’ve delivered quality solar leads for over a decade 
  • All leads are generated on our owned and operated websites, so we control the user experience. 
  • All leads are opted-in, TCPA compliant and are delivered in real-time  

How much do our solar leads cost? 

Our leads are typically sold to up to 4 buyers. Our Cost Per Lead varies by level of exclusivity and state, but the average range is $40 – $92 each. Routing and number of buyers a lead is sold to are decided by the algorithm depending on availability, in real-time. (Terms & conditions apply).

Below is our current lead pricing by state for each tier of exclusivity – 

State EX SX NX 

Customers that purchase more than 500 leads per month will be eligible for exclusive offers which apply post-purchase on a monthly or quarterly basis. 

According to a recent Gartner analyst report*, the average business invests 10% of revenues on advertising. We want to help you make the most of your 10%. 

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