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What makes a good solar affiliate program?

Our solar affiliate program pays out the highest rates in the industry. Make more from your website by turning it into a solar lead factory, or make more from your current stream of traffic or solar leads by working with us.

What makes our affiliate program different:

  • We pay for Leads, not Sales – The solar sales cycle is long. No affiliate wants to wait for months for commission on a sale.
  • We pay affiliates Net-30 – Get paid on time every month. Let us chase down those paychecks so you can focus on lead generation.
  • We’ll support your efforts with cutting edge technology – We’ve built proprietary software the optimizes conversions and quality. It’s plug and play, you just need a high-quality traffic source. We also have a real-time lead and revenue dashboard where you can keep tabs on what’s going on.
  • We built the affiliate program we’d want to have ourselves. We’re our own customers, so we know when something needs to be fixed.
  • Excellent customer support. Our primary goal is to accelerate the adoption rate of solar power, so your success is critical. We’ll work with you and provide constant feedback related to lead quality, payments, conversion rates, and anything else that will help you earn more from the program.

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