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The Secret Formula to Growth: Solar Leads

What does it take to grow a solar company? How can you leverage sales processes to close more leads? How can you leverage additional products for more revenue? How can you grow with solar leads?

In collaboration with  SolarEdge & Nico Johnson of MySuncast we launched a 3 part webinar series unpacking what it takes to building a successful & growing solar company.

Onward & Upward!

Part I – The Secret Formula to Growth

Part II – The Secret to Lead Conversion

Part III – The Secret to Revenue


Solar Sells Itself, Right?

Solar is the best thing since sliced bread: solar is good for the environment, solar creates jobs, solar advances innovative technology, and of course solar saves you money! While all of these things are true, solar doesn’t sell itself.

It seems like a no-brainer; why would anyone not want solar?

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From Installing Solar Panels to Scaling With Solar Leads

My first job in solar was as an installer straight out of college.

There was something gratifying about getting up on the roof in the early morning and making tangible progress happen. You’d start with a plan, a truck full of parts, and full tool belt. By the day’s end you’d see real progress: mounting rails where before there had been a barren roof, solar panel after solar panel securely fastened to the racking and conduit perfectly bended to take the home runs into the inverter. When the switch flipped and the meter started spinning backwards and I felt a sense of pride — we did that!

Now that I’m focused on unlocking the overwhelming public support for solar (check out this recent public poll from Gallup and SEIA), I don’t get to see the tangible progress on a daily basis.Continue reading