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Solar Sells Itself, Right?

Solar is the best thing since sliced bread: solar is good for the environment, solar creates jobs, solar advances innovative technology, and of course solar saves you money! While all of these things are true, solar doesn’t sell itself.

It seems like a no-brainer; why would anyone not want solar?

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Why We Chose to Build Our Own Lead-Distribution Software


Everyone at SolarLeadFactory is proud to announce the release of our own fully-featured lead-distribution platform.

We developed this in-house to solve one problem: how can we provide better service and a better product to all our customers?

It’s a fundamental startup dilemma: build your own technology, or use what’s already available?

If we had a dollar for every time we were told not to build our own software–we still wouldn’t be rich–and we certainly wouldn’t be able to make this announcement: we’ve taken a bold step forward to provide the best product and service we can by developing our own state-of the art customer qualification and lead distribution platform.

In plain English this means we can, at a much higher degree of accuracy and quality, identify prospective solar customers and connect them with qualified solar installers.

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